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(Launch Date for Fitness-Storey Summer 2023)


Each day we create a Fitness-Storey by the way we live. Are you a couch potato wanting to be leaner or an athlete that needs a better body composition? Our daily self-guided program helps you stay informed, in control and focused on long term health and fitness goals.

The Fitness-Storey Team

Becoming a Health Storey

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Coaching: Healthy Living

Using Monthly workbooks, clients identify their life strengths and areas where they need focused coaching. Storey’s online health coaching is focused on living a balanced European lifestyle incorporating favourite cultural traditions that fit with each client’s lifestyle.

Guide to Healthy Eating

There is no magic diet that fits everyone. We have worked for more than a decade researching, writing and sharing knowledge about nutrition with health coaches and their clients in Europe and the US. We know that living a balanced life works.

Melding a background in health coaching and life long learning, our program approach is to focus on your health through life-long self-learning, self assessment and lifestyle development.

Levels of Fitness-Storey

Level 1 – Preparation week (s) – We want your doctor on your team and supporting your weight-loss and fitness program. If you have serious health issues, we would like the doctor directly involved. If you are in the UK, please have an annual exam to ensure you are fighting fit. Send us your Good Health Declaration and statement that you have notified your GP doctor of your intention to start the fitness-storey program.

Level 2 -Health Plunge and Detox. Over a three week timeframe, you will be guided to reduce your calorie intake and add program friendly foods to your grocery list.

Level 3 -Twelve week restrictive diet program (reduce fat and tone skin) + Fitness regime fitting lifestyle and interests.

Level 4 -Transition program focusing on reaching a life long health program.

Level 5 – Maintaining a life long health focused lifestyle program.

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