Wake Up Early- Every Morning

Wake Up

Waking up early helps fight depression.

Fitness-Storey suggests the following methods for waking up early:

  • Use a light machine alarm that mimics daylight.
  • Got to bed earlier so that you are getting enough sleep.
  • Eat your last meal by 1900 so that your body goes through a longer night fast.
  • Use a coffee machine with a timer to prepare your morning cup of coffee.

How Much Energy Do You Need?

How many calories do we need to eat a day?

There isn’t a generic formula for life long health but the US government shared data on rations used to support active duty soldiers and how many calories they needed to eat.

In the UK, NHS has a pilot program for overweight individuals suffering from type 2 diabetes. The study places the participants on a three month 900 calories a day program.

In a large diverse study, researchers focused on the daily energy expenditure through the human life.

The research data showed that around 20 individuals calorie needs remained steady until around the age of 60 and then declined in older adults.

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